A New Client Experience

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Welcome To A Whole New Salon  Experience … In Hair You’ll Love


Why You’re Going To Love Your Journey Into Amazing Hair …

If you’re bored with hearing ‘the same again’? when you walk into your usual salon, or you want a great new look that’s bespoke to you –You’re going to love the Harry Thomas Hairdressing client experience

Our Philosophy Is Simple – Why Settle For Anything Less Than Hair You Love?

Every hairstyle we create is unique – That’s because our highly trained stylists don’t just do ‘the usual’ or what they think is best

Every appointment begins with an hairdressing in-depth consultation with you – We spend the time getting to know you, your wants and needs, your desired look and what will work best for your hair – You’ll never hear ‘same again’ with us

We put so much into creating amazing hair and an amazing experience for our clients so you don’t have to worry about …

  • Are you going to get what you want?
  • Does the salon care about you?
  • Is the stylist good enough?
  • Does the stylist understand what you want?
  • Will they mess up your hair?

‘Argghh’ – The decisions, after all you’re stuck with your style at least for a few weeks

We absolutely understand how you feel when you are looking for a stylist you can trust – and a salon that actually cares about you and the health and condition of your hair

We’ve put together a unique experience for you at Harry Thomas Hairdressing;

It’s designed to make every client comfortable, confident in our ability – and able to trust us to give you the best in colour, style and looks – not just when you leave our salon but for all the weeks you have to manage your hair at home everyday until your next appointment




Discover A New Experience With Harry Thomas Hair

From the minute you walk into the salon until the next time you return, we want you to experience the very best in service, skill, style and at home manageable ‘look good everyday’ hair

Everything we do has one purpose; You – and hair you love

Our team of top stylists are absolutely committed and passionate about what they do – And more importantly – Passionate and committed to their clients

How you feel when you are in the salon, when you leave the salon and what you think of your hair is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY –  not just words on our website (Read Our Reviews here)


Happy Clients

You Are The Most Important Part Of Our Business!


We’ve built our business on giving our clients what they want – And we pride ourselves on the reviews and testimonials we regularly receive from our clients

We’ve highlighted just a few of our client’s comments here, you can read more online including our Facebook page and on Google reviews 


For Our Clients – For Their Hair – And For The Environment

How We Care For You – Your Hair – And Our Environment

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