In order to enhance the skills and practice new techniques, we require models to assist in the intense training and continual improvement and development of our trainee stylists

We require models for many reasons so all types and styles of hair are welcome … From everyday styling and hairdressing to more creative techniques

We Always Require Models For:



Hair up



When Do We Require Models?


The model sessions are every Tuesday at the Marple Bridge salon, starting at 4pm, and usually last for 2 – 4 hours


The benefits of being a model for Harry Tomas Hair is that you get our amazing skill and service –  at a much discounted price compared to our directors and senior stylists

Cutting              £10

Blow Dry            £5

All Colouring     £20

How To Book


Our online booking system does not offer the model appointments, so please contact us by phone to book – 0161427 4817