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Men’s Hair

at Harry Thomas Gents

‘When the dreary and ‘same old’ barbershop ‘short back and sides’ is doing nothing for you (Or your partner), try MEN’S HAIRSTYLING AT HARRY THOMAS’


Why we chose our brands

Here’s Why 9 out of 10 of Our Gentlemen Clients Won’t Go Back To Their Old Barber …

Although getting your hair cut at Harry Thomas is not a million miles away from your barber shop experience, our haircuts have added ‘styling’

You see, there’s only 16 weeks of training that goes into a barber course, and that means that you could end up with a barber that although competent, hasn’t got the experience or skill to cut the shape into your hair that will make a massive difference to your looks, your everyday hair style and the ease of styling at home.

With men’s hairdressing at Harry Thomas Hair, you get that added difference …

The difference that gives you that ‘well groomed’ look – And it’s that hidden difference that gives you that ‘run her fingers through your hair’ feel to your appearance.

So if you want that well groomed look – Try our Gents Hairdressers at Harry Thomas

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Happy Clients

“Bold & Textured, Easy to Manage, Looks Great Everyday”

“Undercut to enhance to curls”

“Love what Emma did to my hair a complete transformation from Dark Brown to Blonde”