About Me

Hi! I’m Kirsty

Senior Stylist


Experience …

Kirsty has 12 years experience in hairdressing, and loves what she does everyday

She enjoys all aspects of hairdressing, and feels her speciality is Blonding, Balayage, Face Frame and  ‘hair up’ , bridal hair

We know her highlighting skills are pretty good too!!!

Kirsty is definitely an all-rounder and I don’t think any client would be disappointed with her.

Kirsty says …

“The relationships I build with each and every client over time is so important to me, to make them feel relaxed and looked after is my no.1 goal”

She definately shares our ethos!


What Inspires Me …

I try to take as much inspiration as I can from the world around me, the environment I am in, the colours as the seasons change, but social media is such a big part of where everyone gets their inspiration from these days, it’s such a handy tool to express creativity and give other people inspiration too! I never stop learning, and always looking for new techniques

What is your favourite product and why?

Too many to choose from….but if I had to pick my all time favourite it would be Davines Curl Moisturising Mousse. Even though it says curl in the name, it’s not limited to curly hair at all, it can be used on many types of hair to add a bit of moisture, with lift and hold to any hairstyle at the same time.


What era do you identify with the most?

Definitely the 90’s! Being born in the 80’s there’s a lot I remember from the 90’s that has really stuck with me through the years, such as pop stars hairstyles at the time, popular fashions. I find a lot of it has come back into fashion and I find myself working some elements of it into my work today (2019)

What led you to pursue a career in hair?

I came from a creative background with hairdressing running in my family for many generations. It didn’t take me long to develop a passion for hairdressing and want to become one myself

you’re going to look fabulous darling

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