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Town Street

Marple Bridge

Stockport Cheshire



You can find us next to the Post Office on Town Street (Marple Bridge Stores)

You have The Norfolk Arms on the corner at the traffic lights as you turn left or right on to Town Street, we are on the left. You will see the bus layby then the  Post Office (Marple Bridge Stores)


On Town Street there are free 1 hour parking bays, there are also 2 small Car Parks just on Town Street that charge a small fee.

We have a red zone 4hour free parking on Brabyns Brow Car Park and if you are lucky the rest of the spaces are free all day. There is another Car Park facing in Brabyns Park, This is also free parking.

Opening Times

TUESDAY          10:00 – 19:00

WEDNESDAY    10:00 – 18:00

THURSDAY       10:00 – 20:00

FRIDAY              10:00 – 18:00

SATURDAY        08:30 – 16:00


Can I book Online?
Do you open late nights?

Yes we do. We are open Tuesdays till 7pm and Thursdays till 8pm

What are the New Salon Rules re Covid-19?



You will NEED to arrive at your allocated appointment time 
• There is no waiting area
Attendee ONLY – You CAN NOT bring any other person to the appointment with you. E.G (If you have no child care you will need to reschedule) If you do you will be charged for your appointment and turned away.
• Please can you cancel your appointment if you present any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close proximity to anyone showing symptoms in the last 14 days leading to your appointment.
• Stylist will cancel any appointments if showing or been in contact with anyone showing symptoms.
• You will be greeted at reception and asked to sanitise. Your temperature will be taken (This is a non touch thermometer)
• A mask MUST be worn. If you have your own mask please use, alternatively we can provide you with one 
• All towels used are disposable and biodegradable
• Anyone receiving a colour service must wash their hair with in 24hours of hair appointment. Any other service your hair will be washed 
• Please bring as little as possible to your appointment, keys, phones etc… please try to keep these items on your person.
• 15 mins has been allocated to all stylists to clean their section, gowns, cutting equipment and styling tools, in between each client.
• There is limited staff each day to enable safer distancing measures, and there will be only 1 client per stylist for your entire appointment.
• We have had to make a 10% price increase due to reduced occupancy, suppliers price hikes…..

If you can’t make your appointment please give us 48hrs notice as this will give another client an opportunity to get their hair done.


If I am having colour do I have to have a patch test?

YES you do, all colours require a patch test 48hours prior to any colour work being carried out.

Even if you have been having colour elsewhere or colour your hair normally at home. This is to protect yourself and we would not be insured without it, if anything was to happen to you.

If you have had colour with us previoulsy and 6 months has passed we will have to do another patch test.

This takes 2 minutes to apply so just call in at your convenience. No appointment necessary.  

Can I speak to a stylist before having my hair cut or coloured?


We recommend any new client, especially a colour client to come and have a complimentary consultation. This benefits you and it gives you the opportunity to meet the stylist you have booked with, It will give you the opportunity to feel confident he/she understands you and you them.

It also gives us the opportunity to make sure we have got you booked in appropriately for the time required to do you hair.

All staff are employed at Harry Thomas, this means clients can move from stylist to stylist without feeling awkward.