Instant Highlights

Instant Highlights

Instant Highlights

No Time?

No Worries!

Get highlights in half the time with new…
“Instant Highlights”

Tired of feeling dark and dull and ready for a refresh? It’s time to lighten up those locks for the sunny season!

With summer fast approaching, are you desiring for those sun-kissed blonde highlights but struggling to spare the hours sat in the hairdresser’s chair?

Here at Harry Thomas we have found the solution! Our brand-new colouring system ‘Instant Highlights’ is designed to give up to six levels of lift, in half the time!

So how does it work?

Using PRO HEAT technology, Instant Highlights follows a three-part system.

The Instant Highlights Heating Iron, Instant Highlights Lightening cream and Instant Highlights Aluminium Foil.

This service is also great for those that want to brighten their look without too much maintenance.

With a development time of up to 30 minutes for the total application, Instant Highlights is perfect for those clients with busy schedules but still want to bring your colour back to life!

Once combined, this system instantly lightens the hair in a safe and controlled way. The heating iron is designed with a spacer between the plates, and guarantees a safe temperature of 140 degrees, ensuring the hair is protected from heat damage.

 Simply pushing up and reviving old highlights to create a softer and more face framing effect.

Harry Thomas Hair In Cheshire Life

Harry Thomas Hair In Cheshire Life

When Cheshire Life magazine recently came to Marple Bridge, Emma, one of our salon owners was so pleased that Harry Thomas Hair was chosen to feature in Cheshire Life magazine

Highlighting all the local beauty in and around Marple Bridge, and detailing some of the local businesses, Cheshire Life created a great write up on Marple Bridge as a town – You can read the full feature on the Cheshire Life website here