Fed Up Of The Same Old Results?


Get WHat You Want

Tired of bad hair days & not getting what you want from a hair salon?

Thats where we can help you …

We are good at sticking with what we know aren’t we? It feels a lot safer, certainly safer than risking a hair disaster with an unknown stylist …

But what if you aren’t satisfied with your hair at the moment and you do want a change?

Let us put you at ease … Completely at ease from the minute you walk into the salon …

  • At ease with our ability
  • At ease with our attention to detail

– and

  • At ease with the stylist who will be working with you

We always start with a full consultation so you can tell us exactly what you want from your hair


What Will HAppen At Your Free Consultation?

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to explain any problems you have, what you want to achieve with your style, colour and condition, how you need to manage your hair everyday – and also for us to discover what else is important to you

During Your Consultation With Your Stylist:

  • We’ll assess your hair condition, colour, length and growth pattern
  • Discuss your style and colour choices to enhance your skin tone and bone structure
  • Aim to understand your lifestyle needs
  • And work with you to understand your everyday home styling frustrations and requirements

We do all this so that together we can create a hairstyle that you love … and that you can recreate every day at home


How To Book Your Complimentary Consultation

You can book your complimentary consultation by calling the salon; 0161 427 4817

Or You Can Book Online

To the right of the screen you will see our ‘Book appointments’ widget – Click it to open our booking app

Choose the date, then where it asks you to select a service – choose ‘Complimentary Consultation’ from the drop down menu

You’ll then be asked to choose a stylist – Don’t worry if you’re not sure – You can always swap afterwards

You can read more about our stylists here

That’s it – You’ll receive a confirmation text or email from us – and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to our salon

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Hair