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Fabulous Hair!

With our amazing range of styling products – Available in salon now …

Your True Beauty

Bring out your true beauty and wear your hair to emphasize and accentuate your face and personality … Working with you, we’ll help you create a hairstyle you’ll love everyday!

Our ability to give our clients exactly what they want is what makes us so different … and our clients so happy!

Why Settle For Anything Less?

Why Settle For Anything Less Than Hair That You Love?

Just as individual as you are … your hair style should be the same – Individual

So here at Harry Thomas Hair, our expert team of stylists don’t just cut styles, we work with you to create the style, colour and look that you want

Only You Matter

We put a great deal of attention to detail in our training, our client care, and our expertise, and if you are looking for that something extra for you and your hair, and you are the type of person that wants that little bit more than the standard hairdressing experience …

For Men … The Barber Shop At Harry Thomas

When the dreary  ‘same old’ barbershop ‘short back and sides’ is doing nothing for you (Or your partner), try Men’s Hairstyling at Harry Thomas Hairdressers – You’ll love the difference it will make to your appearance and everyday styling


Here’s Why 9 out of 10 of Our Gentlemen Clients Won’t Go Back To Their Old Barber …

Although getting your hair cut at Harry Thomas is not a million miles away from your barber shop experience, our haircuts have added ‘styling’.

You see, there’s only 16 weeks of training that goes into a barber course, and that means that you could end up with a barber that although competent, hasn’t got the experience or skill to cut the shape into your hair that will make a massive difference to your looks, your everyday hair style and the ease of styling at home.

With men’s hairdressing at Harry Thomas Hair, you get that added difference

It’s the difference that gives you that ‘well groomed’ look –

And it’s that hidden difference that gives you that ‘run her fingers through your hair’ feel to your appearance.

So if you want that well groomed look – Try our barber shop at Harry Thomas Hair



Time – We all wish we had more of it. Now you can get highlights in half the time with NEW Instant Highlights


Frame & Accentuate your features with clever placement of face framing lights


Get highlights in half the time with New Instant Highlights – Available now at Harry Thomas Hair – Book Now on 0161 427 4817 or click here to book online

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle?

Are you looking for a change of hairdresser so you can get a fresh new look?

Design Your Perfect Hairstyle

We don’t believe in mass produced styles or looks here at Harry Thomas Hair … Just as individual as you are, your hair style should be the same – Completely individual to you

So we don’t just cut styles, we work with you to create the style, colour and look that you want and need to suit you and your lifestyle

Our Philosophy Is Simple … And We Live By It Everyday … Get exactly what you want from your hair stylist …

How Can We Help You?

You can come and talk to our team about your hair at anytime … We’re here to help you get the best out of your hair

No More Hairdressing Disasters – Just Exactly What You Want From Your Hairdressers

You don’t have to demand an end result you love here at Harry Thomas Hair – You can expect it!

A New Style? A Change Of Colour? A Problem That Needs Fixing – Even A Complete Makeover?

We’re Here To Help You – And Give You The Hairstyle You Want –

Book A Free Consultation – Call Us On 0161 427 4817 – Or Call Into The Salon

Our Clients –

You Are The Most Important Part Of Our Business!


We’ve built our business on giving our clients what they want – And we pride ourselves on the reviews and testimonials we regularly receive from our clients

We’ve highlighted just a few of them here, you can read more online including our Facebook page and on Google reviews




For Men & Women

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