The Aims & Beliefs That Drive Us As A Hairdressing Team …

No mass produced styles or looks here … Just as individual as you are, your hair style should be the same – Individual

So we don’t just cut styles, we work with you to create the style, colour and look that you want and need to suit you and your lifestyle


Your Hair – An Incredibly Important Part Of You


Your hair style makes up a large part of your appearance, and if  you think it doesn’t look right or look good when you look in the mirror, you aren’t going to feel good are you?

So when it comes to deciding who to trust with your hair, that’s a really important decision for you …

Your Relationship With Your Stylist


So who can you trust your hair and your looks to?

We understand the importance of the client / hairdresser relationship

We want you to feel completely at ease from the minute you walk into the salon …

We’ll start with a full consultation so you can tell us exactly what you want from your hair, we’ll then assess your hair condition, colour, length and growth pattern, along with your skin tone, bone structure, lifestyle needs, and at home styling requirements so that we can create a hairstyle that you love … and that you can recreate every day at home


Design Your Perfect Hairstyle

 Bring out your true beauty and wear your hair to emphasize and accentuate your face and personality …

We are good at sticking with what we know aren’t we? It feels safer, certainly safer than risking a hair disaster with an unknown stylist –

But what if you aren’t satisfied with your hair at the moment and you do want a change?

WHy not come and talk to us about what you really want your hair to look like, and what needs you have to suit your lifestyle